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* New properties for sale

* Brexit: state of play

* Properties back on the market

Seven new properties ranging from a small gite business to some 'very big gites'

Brexit: state of play on the ground in France

They thought they had a buyer ... but..

New properties

Carcassonne gite business

Carcassonne Gite and B&B business - €690,000

In Carcassonne itself just a 15 minute walk from the famous Citadel, this former winery boasts 2 guest rooms and 4 little gîtes, a pool and the old wine-making cellar with huge vats and space for events. more

Garonne valley  gite near Moissac

Garonne Valley : Villa and gite - €449,000

This is a modern villa (well, 1970's) set in large mature gardens with a plantation of cherry trees out back. It has a small independent gite. The house has 5 bedrooms so could do some B&B. Great location near Moissac, Tarn et Garonne. more

Pyrenees foothills - gite and B&B business

Ariège - Pyrenean foothills -farmhouse + gite - €499,000

Bit of everything here: two guest rooms, a 2-bedroom gite, nice 3-bed farmhouse, loads of out-buildings, pool and over a hectare of pasture for horses. And the views .... more

Black Mountains gite complex

Carcassonne/Montagne Noire - Gite + B&B - €385,000

20 minutes north of Carcassonne on the south-facing flank of the Montagne Noire, this beautifully restored farmhouse has a couple of B&B rooms and a lovely duplex gite. Mature vegetable garden and chicken run, horse shelter and a couple of acres for animals make this a real bargain. more

Carcassonne very big  gite business

Carcassonne - Very Big Luxury Gite - €1,150,000

Just a few minutes north of Carcassonne in a lively village this Maison de Maître has been converted into a 28-bed luxury gite with heated pool, hot-tub, alfresco dining, cellar bar and disco. It lets for €8500 per week... and Carcassonne attracts tourists all year round. Do the math. more

Minervois château and 5 gîtes<vide>

Minervois wine village - Château - 5 gîtes - €425,000

Between Carcassonne and Béziers, just 20 mins from the Med, the Minervois wine region is one of Languedoc's hidden secrets. This former wine chateau has been transformed into 5 apartments/gites which share a central courtyard with pool and converted stables. Not quite finished but 3 of the gites generate a handy income. more

Languedoc gite business  with 4 gîtes<vide>

Aude - Laurac-le-Grand - Farmhouse and 5 gites - €870,000

Big renovated farmhouse - 5 up-and-running gites, nice pool and no near neighbours... what is there not to like? Apart from the price which is on the steep side. As a lifestyle property which generates enough to live on it is worth a visit.... before making a reasonable offer more

Brexit - state of play

Curiously enough, Brexit is not a big subject of conversation in France. The average French Marcel sipping his pastis at the counter doesn't really give a toss. He feels that the Brits have always been difficult to deal with and this is just another example. End of story. He's much more interested in how the next Six-Nations will play out. Same story in the media: very little mention and very little interest.

Meanwhile, out in Dordogneshire the ex-pat chattering classes are all in a tizzy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many are panicking and trying to sell up as they fear their UK pensions will take a hit. Others are standing firm: "Brits have been here before the Common Market was even invented", they cry, "The French need us here". A few moan that their pension payments from the UK have lost 10-15% since the referendum ... but that life is still easier in France than in the UK. The mood swings according to what they read in the Daily Torygraph, the Mail or the Grauniad.

This is the context that we find ourselves in at the start of winter; before the December summit in Brussels which will be crucial in deciding whether we have a hard or soft Brexit ... or no Brexit at all. And you know what? We're still getting streams of British buyers intent on selling everything in the UK to settle and make a new life in France. Not just retired people but 40-year-olds with young children. They pretend that Brexit is not a problem, that everything will be sorted out this year, that life goes on ... etc. But they are not actually buying. When push comes to shove they hesitate, look at the exchange rate ... and sit on their hands.

In the meantime the French rural property market is picking up. The Euro-zone economic indicators are all green. Parisians, Belgians and Swiss are all snapping up properties that have been on the market for years. The British may not take Brexit seriously, but the financial markets do. Buy now while you can ... the pound can only go downwards.

Back on the market

They thought they had a buyer ....

Pyrenees B&B

Pyrenees - Vicdessos valley - B&B with pool - €299,000

5 guest rooms in this cosy little B&B in an excellent location with views over the Montcalm peak towards Andorra. Great spot for cycling centre - on the road up to the Col de l'Hers. ...more

Corbières gite business  with 4 gîtes<vide>

Corbières - former winery - 8 gites - €625,000

Old wine co-operative converted into 8 little gites along with 3-bedroom duplex for the owner. Pool and a hectare of land ... in the middle of nowhere but handy enough for the Cathare Castles and, of course, the Corbières vineyards... more


Simon Says: Don't forget that if you are seriously considering buying property in France it makes a lot of sense - and saves a lot of time - to spontaneously give the agent (or vendor) a clear picture of your intentions from the outset: your budget, your timing (this year or next?), your old property (sold or just 'on the market') along with the usual wish-list of 'must-have' features.

As always, the best way to contact us is by email. I rarely answer the phone as I'm on the road most of the time.

Simon Oliver


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