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* New properties for sale

* Brexit - British have until end 2020 to settle in France

* Properties beginning to sell quickly...


Six new properties ranging from a small gite business to some 'very big gites'

Brexit: transition period promises to be busy for Brits

Properties you've seen on this site for many years ... have suddenly been snapped up

New properties

Campsite, market garden and farmhouse

Lauragais - Campsite and market garden business - €1,235,000

Between Toulouse and Carcassonne, in the rolling hills of the Lauragais, this big estate combines a successful camp-site/chalet park, a lake and a thriving market garden business. The old farmhouse is a beauty with plenty of room for B&B activity. more

Gascon farm with 3 gites

Haute Garonne - Gascon farmhouse and 3 gites - €495,000

It's the hilltop location that makes this property so special: panoramic 360° views of the Pyrenees and the Gascon countryside. The farmhouse has been completely renovated (underfloor heating, double-glazing) and the three gites are a good start. Outhouses galore to expand the business. more

Languedoc Regional Park

Hérault - Languedoc Natural Park - Holiday village - €1,070,000

Deep in the Natural Park somewhere in the forest east of Castres and west of Béziers this vast complex of stone-built houses is in perfect nick and just crying out for some international clients. Big farmhouse (300m²) and 7 gites and pool on 4 hectares of land more

Mirepoix town house

Mirepoix - townhouse as B&B - €415,000

Mirepoix is a splendid mediaeval jewel in the foothills of the Pyrenees boasting one of the region's best and most colourful markets. This is a purpose-built (well, restored) guesthouse just minutes from the main square on foot. more

Ariège villa + 3 gites

Ariège - villa + 3 gites near Foix - €450,000

Foix is the capital of the Ariège and attracts visitors all year round. But most people want to stay out of the town - in the beautiful Pyrenean foothills - and this is what this business provides. Simple bungalow accommodation for the owners and 3 well-kept gites for the tourists. Boasts an incredible 9.6 score on Booking! . more

Farm estate with gites near Toulouse

'Toulousain' farm with 4 B&B rooms and 5 gîtes - €1,200,000

A few kilometres south-east of Toulouse on the way to Carcassonne this big estate is perched on a hilltop facing south toward the Pyrenees. It has a multitude of accommodation possibilities (B&B rooms and gites) and caters to corporate clients as well as wedding parties and family getogethers. Nice pool and spa area, beautiful patch of woodland ... you can't go wrong. more

Brexit - 21 months left for Brits to settle in France

In the end the Brexit negotiations have been fairly kind to British passport-holders wishing to settle in France. Under the latest agreement they will have until December 2020 to buy property and settle in France ... thus cementing their right to live and work in France for the rest of their lives. The agreement says nothing about 'onward movement' rights which other EU members have - ie, the right to up sticks and go live and work in, say, Italy.

Knowing the British government, however, it is still possible that this whole agreement will collapse if, as sometimes appears likely, the more headstrong members of the Tory party insist on sabotaging the whole deal and walking off the cliff edge without any sort of deal at all.

Which is all the more reason for wannabe French settlers to think of making the move earlier rather than later. We had a couple this week who were ready to do just that: move quickly, buy a business and start earning their living. They thought it would take three weeks ... they will be lucky to be in operation by July. Exactly 9 months after their first visit to France and first viewing of suitable properties. First it was the viewing and choosing process: takes time. Secondly they had to negotiate the price down to a reasonable level. Took a few weeks of toing and froing. Then there's the mortgage to put into place: banks want a business plan - a prévisionnel - before they will even think of talking figures. Catch 22: no decision on a mortgage before the compromis de vente is signed ... but the vendor is reluctant to sign away 3 months of his life if he thinks the mortgage may be refused.

In short, the whole process takes time and effort. The better prepared you are (homework done on where you want to settle, what sort of business you want to run (gites or B&Bs?), business plan prepared), the easier and quicker it is. 2020 may seem like a long way off ... but it is really just tomorrow in terms of property buying.

Snapped up!

You thought they would never go...

No better witness to the economic upturn in the French economy than the sudden disappearance of a number of our more ... sticky properties. Remember the beautiful little chateau/Chartreuse near Marmande? Gone for €440k. Or the wine chateau in the Minervois with 5 gites? Deal struck for under €400k. Or the big estate in the Montagne Noire with mill and 6 gites in a heavenly green valley? Gone for less than €600k. Or the big farm with 4 gites on the hills over-looking Montréal? The B&B in Villefranche near Albi? All gone in the space of a few months.

Simon Says: As usual I remind buyers that the best time to buy a business in France (as opposed to a house) is in the autumn. September, October and November should be your busy viewing season before signing a 'promise to buy' in November and completion in February in good time to prepare the season. No point at all in signing a promise to buy in April or May and then trying to take over a tourist-oriented business in the high season: it just won't work!

As always, the best way to contact us is by email. I rarely answer the phone as I'm on the road most of the time.

Simon Oliver


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