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The French countryside used to be peppered with small, cosy hotels with uncomfortable beds but serving copious cheap homemade meals.


Health and Safety regulations, cheap hotel chains and labour costs have now swept away 80% of these establishments. Some have gone upmarket and are posing as 'boutique hotels' while others have morphed into what were always known as 'auberges' or inns. While technically no longer 'hotels' they trade under the much more vague term 'Chambres d'hôtes' or B&B. Hotel rules do not apply to these places: they are run as simple Bed and Breakfasts, usually with a restaurant attached.


Auberge for sale St Cirq-Lapopie


GITESforSaleFrance has a number of auberges on its books. They tend to be located deep in the countryside, operate some sort of restaurant or café facility and offer up to 5 bedrooms as accommodation. Some also have gites to let too. For buyers who have a bit of experience in the hospitality trade (pubs, cafés, B&Bs) these properties offer a number of advantages:


- they are often much cheaper than a comparable residential property (per m²)

- they are located in time-tested places which have a passing trade or are known beauty spots

- they come with a built-in income-producing potential: fully-equipped kitchen, restaurant fittings, ensuite bedrooms and service accommodation.

- they are MUCH cheaper than hotels of similar size


Here's a selection of what we have on offer:


Pyrenean auberge for sale ARIEGE - route des Cols Ancient inn on the Tour de France route: 5 en-suite bedrooms, spa, restaurant cyclists' workshop. Price €148,000 Details
auberge for sale in Eastern Pyrenees PYRENEES ORIENTALES - route des Cols Former hotel (now B&B) on the road from Perpignan to the ski resorts and Andorra. Lots and lots of space - 720m² of living surface with garden, terrace and car-park as well. 6 guest bedrooms plus owners' appartment, Kitchen and restaurant. Price: €299,000 details
Spa town B&B for sale AUDE - Rennes-les-Bains . Guest House with tea-room/café. In the centre of a busy spa village this 10 bedroom B&B manages to turn over more than €120k pa. There is no garden or yard but if you want to make money... Price: €299,000 details
B&B in Boulogne-sur-gesse for sale

HAUTE GARONNE Boulogne-sur-Gesse Located in a village/small town with all amenities ... but without a hotel. This the only establishment catering for tourists, business people and bureaucrats. Price: €349,000 details


What is a 'gîte'?

The word 'gîte' refers to a furnished, self-catering holiday house that is let to tourists over short periods. It can be a cottage, villa, chalet or apartment.


Originally known as 'gîte rural' the concept has spread from this rather narrow definition to encompass more or less any furnished, short-let property in the countryside, at the seaside or even in big towns.


Still relatively ignored by French law, a gîte can be set up anywhere in France as long as two important declarations are made: firstly to the Mairie of the commune where the gîte is situated and secondly to the Recette Fiscale of the owner. In other words, as long as the authorities know what you're doing and as long as you're paying taxes on your earnings ... everyone is happy.

What is a 'chambre d'hôte'?

This is a bed & breakfast establishment. Technically it involves home-owners welcoming tourists into their own home, putting a bedroom at their disposal and giving them breakfast in the morning. The maximum number of bedrooms permitted is five, after which the establishment is reclassified as a hotel.


However, there is a fine line between 'chambre d'hôte' and 'gite d'étape' which could be described as a hostel. Even then, it is customary for hostels of this type (usually in mountainous regions or on national footpaths - GR) to stick to the 5 bedroom rule although one of those rooms might be a dormitory sleeping a dozen people.

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GITES FOR SALE FRANCE operates throughout South-West France: in Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon

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It should not be confused with 'finders' or 'house-hunting' services which have no legal standing, no financial guarantee and no estate agent's licence.

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