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Tarn/Languedoc - Tourist centre


4 bedroom B&B + owner's house + 8 room 'group' gite

+ 3 gites + heated indoor pool, gym, spa and hammam


Ecological build - entirely in wood - 6 hectares land


Saint Ferréol lake and forest environment


Price: €1,380,000 * - ref 154

Tourist centre for sale St Ferreol Tarn

This is an unusual property - recently built to strict ecological guidelines - in the forest of the Parc Naturel de Languedoc over-looking the lake of Saint Férréol. This lake was created to feed water to the 17th century engineering masterpiece, the Canal du Midi.


'Tourist centre' is perhaps not the right description: it is more a collection of different sorts of tourist accommodation: guest rooms, group gite and independent gites - in a wooded and quiet environment. There is a spa, a hammam, a well-equipped gym, massage and physio rooms, a heated swimming pool and, above all, a seminar/conference centre which can accommodate 30 or 40 participants. B&B guests as well as seminar/yoga participants are offered a table d'hôte dinner in the stupendous communal dining area. The owner's have equally beautiful and well-finished accommodation within the complex: a 3 bedroomed duplex covering more than 200m².


Here's a rundown of the main elements:

* Main building (made of wood - like all the buildings) which houses the communal area on the upper floor, reception area, kitchens, dining room and lounge. On the lower floor there are 4 guest rooms, each with bathroom, lounge area and private terrace. Adjoining this part is the owner's section: a duplex of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office ... all under an imposing 'zome'. Apart from this unusual feature the rest of the roof is covered in vegetation - as insulation - with a solar water-heating installation. This whole building - as well as the pool - is heated by a massive wood-burning furnace. The 6 hectares of woodland provide unlimited quantities of free fuel.


Kitchen and dining area


* The second building - separated from the first by the covered pool - houses the gym, physio area and spa as well as the seminar space (on the ground floor) with the 8-bedroomed 'group gite' on the upper floor. The eight bedrooms each have twin (or double) beds and a private shower room and toilet. They share a communal kitchen and dining area as well as a summer kitchen and terrace outside. In fact, these could be regarded as 8 more B&B rooms (in all legality as the centre has an official Gîtes de France 'group' label) to add to the existing 4 in the main building. The seminar centre has, of course, its own cloakroom and toilets, exits and terrace space.


* The third building is a low-lying one storey building housing three independent one-bedroom gites. These are equipped with kitchen corner, bathroom and balcony.


These building are on a ridge with the forested land falling away on each side. There is ample parking for all the guests, a large vegetable garden, a chicken run, a dog kennel, a water feature and peach trees and vines here and there.


St Ferréol is a much-loved and much-visited amenity, known to all the urban dwellers of Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees. It combines water activities with hiking, mountain biking and cultural visits to the abbey at Sorèze, the market at Revel and the crafts at Durfort. For this reason (it's only 50 kms from Toulouse) the owners have no trouble at all in attracting custom all year round, especially (local) corporate giants such as Airbus and Fabre who regularly reserve the entire centre for their seminars.


Our opinion: This is a real business which needs a professional approach. It could be part of a lifestyle change but only if you know a thing or two about hospitality. In line with a number of our 'best' properties, however, the figures pan out. Cost: €2m Turnover: over €200k. And this is through attracting only French (and Belgian) clients. A buyer with international marketing skills could probably double the turnover figures by opening the centre to clients from the UK, USA and elsewhere. The buildings and facilities are in perfect condition, the contacts with corporate clients are solid, the furnishings and equipment are all included. Finally, there will be a possibility to buy a further eco-house (275m²) on the estate in the near future.


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RESPONSABILITE CIVILE: Assurance : Allianz 41404407

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AUDE - Cathar Country


The département of the Aude, in the Languedoc, prides itself as being the home of the Cathar, a famed religious sect of the 12 and 13th century, who dared defy Rome with their brand of humble, scaled-down Christianity. They failed in the end, but their story of defiance, struggle and eventual extinction is etched into the landscape, villages and castles of the region.


Throughout the 12th century the Cathar faithful were slowly pushed out of the low-lying plains towards the hostile, mountainous uplands where they found refuge in fortified villages or in castles and keeps perched on the most inaccessible crags of the Corbières or the Pyrenean foothills. In the end the French State allied with Rome, sent Simon de Montfort to root out and kill the last 'heretics' in what was known as the 'Albigensian Crusade'.


In the western part of Languedoc the most notable feature is the Lac de St Ferréol, specially conceived by Riquet when building the Canal du Midi, and designed to supply water to the canal throughout the summer period. This it does by means of a mini-canal - 'le rigole' which carries water from the resevoir to the highest point of the canal on the watershed (between Atlantic and Mediterranean basins) near Avignonnet-Lauragais.


The southern part of the département meets the Pyrenees and boasts a wealth of whitewater rivers, trekking trails and ski resorts.



- 4 bed guest house

- 6 hectares gardens and woodland

- 8 bedroom 'group' gite

- 3 independent gites

- 3-bedroomed owner's house

- gym, hammam and spa

- conference centre/activity space

- indoor heated pool

- wood-fired central-heating

- local village with all amenities

- 30 minutes Carcassonne airport.

- woods, lakes and castles

- ecological materials used throughout

- secluded



- requires 2 part-time staff



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