Bastide B&B on Canal-du-Midi near Narbonne for sale

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Bastide with B&B (4 rooms/suites) and gite


15 kms from Mediterranean beaches


In hamlet beside the Canal-du-Midi (Canal 'Robine')


€985,000 * (ref 128)

Bastide B&B for sale Canal du Midi Narbonne


The Canal-du-Midi, a Seventeenth century engineering masterpiece, winds from Toulouse to the Mediterranean near Béziers. It forks at one point in the Minervois and a spur goes south to Narbonne and on to the coast at Port-la-Nouvelle. This canal is known as the Canal Robine, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This property is located near the start of this canal, on its banks.


In what is known as a 'Bastide' - a fortified group of buildings in a strategic postion - the property is one of just four or five other properties in this hamlet on the Canal. On raised ground, the hamlet is surrounded by vineyards.


Exploited as a luxury Guest House the owners have no problems filling their rooms throughout the year. Currently they just open during the season but the winters are mild in this part of Languedoc and visitors enjoy the balmy climate, good local restaurants and nearby coast. The canal is a big attraction as guests can cycle into the ancient centre of Narbonne (14 kms) or go on to the coast at Port-La-Nouvelle through a variety of landscapes - lagoons, vineyards, maquis, nature reserves - on a 36 km ride.


Luxury B&B Canal Narbonne


The property comprises a large two-storey stone-built building which houses the B&B and owner's quarters. To the south of this building they have installed a pool which is flanked by a large covered area which houses a gite with two bedrooms, a summer kitchen and other utility rooms. There is a garage/barn on two floors which has yet to be renovated.


The renovation work dates back to 2012 - very recent - and is finished to the highest standard. The entire main building has been gutted and re-constructed. New roof. Underfloor heating (heat pump) on ground floor. Double-glazing and roof insulation. Reversible heat/cool air-conditioning. Paved and tiled floors of the highest quality. 5 state-of-the-art bathrooms.


What's for sale?

- a Canal-side estate comprising, gardens, car-park, pool, main house and gite/out-houses

- over 350 m² of living space

- first floor: 2 en-suite guest rooms

- first floor: 2 guest suites comprising two bedrooms and a bathroom

- ground floor: lounge, dining room, big fitted kitchen with back kitchen, owner's quarters

- pool

- old barn which houses the 'gite' - 2 rooms and kitchen - and a sulmmer kitchen and dining area for guests

- barn used as garage on ground floor: mezzanine floor unused


The local village (on the way to Narbonne) has shops, restaurant and baker.


Our opinion: The closer one gets to the Med coast, the higher the prices. In this case the premium is worth it. Not only is it just 15 kms from the sea but it's also on the Canal with its cycling towpath opening up all sorts of non-automobile activities for guests. The property is also very, very well finished: a lot of work and taste and money went into this renovation. The proof is in the clients appreciation: they are willing to pay €128/€160 a night to stay here. Possibilities for expansion include the 'gite' which needs re-thinking and the barn/garage which should be developed. We would turn the gite space into a cooking school - much in demand - and run courses in Mediterranean Cuisine throughout the 'inter' season: May/June and Sept/Oct. Cycling trips organized throughout the winter months (it never freezes here) would take customers on trips to the sea, the nature reserves, the vineyards and the churches/Roman vestiges in the region.


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Please contact us for further information and pictures. The property can be visited by appointment only.


* 3% agency fees included ____________reference n°: 128


more information - viewing - or +33 950 685 946




Legal details:

SARL GITES A LA FRANCAISE RCS Toulouse n°: 531 694 925


RESPONSABILITE CIVILE: Assurance : Allianz 41404407

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Cathar Country


The département of the Aude, in the Languedoc, prides itself as being the home of the Cathar, a famed religious sect of the 12 and 13th century, who dared defy Rome with their brand of humble, scaled-down Christianity. They failed in the end, but their story of defiance, struggle and eventual extinction is etched into the landscape, villages and castles of the region.


Throughout the 12th century the Cathar faithful were slowly pushed out of the low-lying plains towards the hostile, mountainous uplands where they found refuge in fortified villages or in castles and keeps perched on the most inaccessible crags of the Corbières or the Pyrenean foothills. In the end the French State allied with Rome, sent Simon de Montfort to root out and kill the last 'heretics' in what was known as the 'Albigensian Crusade'.


In the western part of Languedoc the most notable feature is the Lac de St Ferréol, specially conceived by Riquet when building the Canal du Midi, and designed to supply water to the canal throughout the summer period. This it does by means of a mini-canal - 'le rigole' which carries water from the resevoir to the highest point of the canal on the watershed (between Atlantic and Mediterranean basins) near Avignonnet-Lauragais.


The Eastern part of the Aude département is wild and nearly uninhabited, a region of rough hills, maquis-clad outcrops and vines as far as the eye can see. This is the Corbières, renowned for its rough, strong red wines, olive groves and castles. The Corbières start just outside of Carcassonne where well-kept vineyards slowly give way to pine forest and more dramatic terrain.


The coastline was for years uninhabited as mosquito-ridden and liable to pirate attacks. Now the marshland has been drained and the coastal strip infested with concrete high-rises and cheap bungalows. There are no 'old' properties within 15 kms of the coast.



- A going concern

- among vineyards / borders Canal

- 2 B&B guest rooms (en-suite)

- 2 B&B guest suites

- seperate owner's space

- poolside gite with 2 bedrooms

- terraces

- summer kitchen

- pool

- garden

- events room/garage

- 30 minutes Carcassonne airport.

- 15 minutes Mediterranean beaches

- 60 minutes Spain







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