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PUYCELSI - Guest House for sale


17th century townhouse: 5 guest rooms + gite + flat


Bastide village in Cordes-Montmiral-Bruniquel triangle


Successful business with garden and pool


€772,000* ref: 165



Puycelsi is probably the prettiest and most unspoilt of the Bastide and Castelnau villages of the Tarn. Surrounded by one of the region's most dense and untouched deciduous forest - le Forêt de la Grésigne - the hill-top village surveys a huge swathe of countryside. It is located within easy striking distance of Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel as well as the neighbouring gems of Bruniquel, Penne and Castelnau-de-Montmiral.


The property -probably the result of someone knocking a few mediaeval houses into one a long, long time ago - is a huge structure on four floors covering more than 800 m² of usable space. As mediaeval property goes, this is big. Even more unusual, the property also includes two gardens: one adjacent to the house with shady terrace and pool, the other across a narrow lane in a walled garden.


As befits a property of this size and standing, the current owner has diligently kept and worked into the general decoration the original features: the superb twin staircase, the massive flagstones, polished tommettes and oak doorways. But at the same time modern plumbing and wiring mean that the whole house is warm (central-heating) and provided with adequate bathroom facilities.



Puycelsi - hill-top 'Bastide' village in the Foret de Grésigne


Within this 800m² space we have a lot of accommodation: the five en-suite guest bedrooms, the owner's 120m² apartment, a three bedroomed self-contained gite and another three-bedroomed apartment. This is obviously flexible: one does not have to run it thus but the current owner feels happiest with this arrangement. The house is open to tourists for 7 months of the year - roughly April to November.


The guest rooms are mainly on the ground floor: three beautiful rooms with exposed stonework, original features like stone sinks or carved fireplaces. The 'family room' with two separate bedrooms also boasts a small kitchen.


On the first floor we find the remaining two guest rooms - with views over the ancient Bastide and the forest beyond. On this level is also the owner's apartment which includes a big kitchen, a double bedroom, a spacious dining room and a large lounge with an ancient brick fireplace.

On the second floor are the two apartments: the gite has two bedrooms, bathroom and big kitchen/dining area. The 'apartment' is (currently) comprised of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an under-the-eaves balcony.


In all there are 11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.


In the extensive cellar - we're probably back to the 14th century here - there are a host of nooks and crannies, storage space, wine racks and unused rooms as well as the oil-fired boiler and oil tank. Between cellar and ground floor there is a big 'communal room' used as a guest lounge/library. This can also double as a meeting/events room for 20-25 participants.


Out the back door steps lead down to a charming and shady terrace where guests take their breakfast in summer. This in turn gives on to a low-walled garden with a dinky little sunken pool. Pool-loungers have views over the village rooftops and the forest beyond.


Across the laneway pictured above is the second garden, a secret garden behind high stone walls with room for vegetables, tea table and childrens' swings.


Our opinion:

Properties in these bastide towns are much sought-after because they hold their value and, quite clearly, they are not making mediaeval housing any more. This property is such a size as to make it rank up there with châteaux or manor houses. Obviously a B&B cannot have more than 5 guest rooms so the current use of the extra rooms is very clever: gites and rental accommodation such as the 3-bedroom apartment are much in demand in the season. It's what happens in the low season which should be the subject for a new project: using all that accommodation to get groups in for historical, cultural or artistic conferences or seminars. One could even imagine renting out the entire building as an 11-bedroom gite ... for around €5k per week.


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The Tarn is a fairly big département stretching from the rugged heights of the Massif Central at Lacaune in the north-east to the balmy flood plain of the Tarn river green with vines in the south-east.


The major towns are all completely different. Albi is the administrative centre and was the seat of the church's power in the region since the 11th century. It is home to the region's largest fortified cathedral (and the world's biggest brick building) and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.


Castres and Mazamet are more industrial: Castres had a weaving industry and Mazamet a thriving tanning and leather goods industry right up to the end of the 20th century. Both used the abundant timber and water resources from the nearby hills. There is also an important outcrop of granite in the hills above Castres in the Sidobre area: this is a tourist attraction as well as a source of raw materials for the building industry.


Gaillac, on the River Tarn, is a wine centre ... and has been since the Romans first planted vines here over two thousand years ago.






- 5 ensuite guest rooms

- 120m² owners' apt

- 800m² living surface

- separate 3-bedroomed gite

- ind 3-bed'roomed apartment

- pool

- 2 gardens

- perfect location in heart of Bastide

- referenced by many guide books















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