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Pyrenees - Bagnères-de-Bigorre


Town house with 8 studios


100 metres Spa and Casino


€ 280,000 * (ref 125)


Room with a view Bagnères-de-Bigorre

view of the mountains out back ...


There are plenty of spa towns in France and the best among them offer more than just medicalised thermal bath treatment. Bagnères-de-Bigorre in the Hautes Pyrénées is not only a reputed treatment centre for rheumatology and respiatory problems but it's also the 'base camp' for cyclists keen on riding the famous Tour de France routes and passes.


It is also one of the few Spa centres that actively encourage non-medical tourists who just wish to take the waters and enjoy a day or two the hot tubs, hammam, sauna and massage activities on offer.


All these people - the spa clients from March to November and the tourists in summer (cyclists) and skiers (winter) need a place to stay. And that's what this property provides...


Spa Bagnères-de-Bigorre

... and view of the spa and Thermal Baths from the front balcony


A simple, early 19th century townhouse on four floors with an interior courtyard flanked with a another two-story house ... makes for quite a bit of space. At present, the owner has about 6 of the 8 studios up and running: two in the courtyard, two on the first floor, two on the second floor and one on the top floor. Each studio (the French term for a one-room flat) has a double bedroom, bathroom and rudimentary kitchen facilities.


The studios have been simply done - this is fairly home-made DIY on show here - but then, the prices asked are in keeping with this low cost approach and customers are happy with what they get. Above all they get simple but decent lodgings just a step away from their goal: the Thermal baths.


There are some nice touches and features: the two balconies giving on to the main street and the Spa are lovely old wrought iron edifices held up by carved stone supports. The original tiling is still in place on the ground floor and the half-timbered inside walls are intact. The back courtyard and its houses have a lot of charm.


Our opinion:

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the set-up here: the excellent location means that letting one-room flats right beside the Thermal Baths and Spa is a doddle. The French NHS covers the cost of patients who take a three week 'cure'. But we would re-arrange the ground floor to include a cycle-storage room and try and attract cycling groups. It could even be turned into a sort of hostel with a couple of dormitories on the upper floors and a café in the courtyard. Endless possibilities. An excellent little business at a reasonable price.


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Central Pyrenees


South of Gascony, the area covered by the central Pyrenees is more or less the départements of Ariège, Haute Garonne and Hautes Pyrénées. This is where the Pyrenean range rises straight up like a wall with very little piedmont of foothill area, to a uniform height of over 3000 metres.


Seen from the plains below words like majestic and stunning are too feeble. The Pyrenees are everything one expects from a mountain range: impressive, high, easily accessible and covered in snow. Unlike the Alps they are home to a carpet of deciduous forest - beech, larch, elder - which make for real seasons as springtime green turns rich and dark in summer before fusing into reds and flame yellows in autumn.


The main cities in the region are Foix, Tarbes and Pau - all associated with ruling kings and dukes who protected their citizens from invaders and terrors both real and imaginary. Lourdes, the other big town of the region, is actually in the mountains, surrounded by towering peaks and steep valleys.


Obviously winter sports play a major role in local tourism with a number of resorts serving urbanites from Toulouse and Bordeaux as well as a smattering of foreigners. The other big attraction is spas, of which the region has many. Although some of these are 'medicalisé' (you need a prescription to take the waters), the trend is towards a more open approach with each spa town vying to provide well-being water products for the tourist.


Finally, we can't speak of the Pyrenees without mentioning cycling. The moment of truth in any Tour de France is when the riders attack mythical passes such as the Tourmalet, the Aubisque or the Port de Balès.


On your bikes!



- Pyrenean spa town

- interior courtyard

- 8 independent studios

- near Tourmalet and Col d'Aspin

- near Ski resort of La Mongie

- all services to hand

- airport (Tarbes/Lourdes) 20 minutes



- no central heating



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