47 hectare estate for sale in Armagnac

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Estate in Gascony

Manor house, gite, pro kitchen, horses


47 hectares of pasture and woodland


€824,000 *


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The estate is located in the 'Ténarèze' section of Armagnac production in northern Gascony, where the Gers meets the Tarn & Garonne. It's a landscape of rolling hills, rapeseed fields, vines and forest. To the west lies the great forest of the Landes - the largest in Europe - and to the north the River Garonne. The region is dotted with ancient villages and bastides - 'new towns' established in the 13th and 14th centuries to help pacify the territory and bring order to urban life.


The manor house is currently let out in the summer months as an upmarket holiday house. The owners live in the more modest 4-room converted barn (albeit over 160m²!). This adjoins a vast kitchen/workshop of 160m² where they used to produce foie gras ... complete with professional cold rooms, refrigerated storage, tiled rooms and hot water system. Finally, there is an independent studio (with kitchen and bathroom) at one end of the manor house.


The rest of the estate is given over to horses and woodland. A dozen horses share ten or so hectares of pasture while the remainder of the land is under woodland. There is a 'palombière' within the forest. (Typical of this region, a palombière is an area within a wood where migrating pigeons are lured and then either caught with nets or shot.) Some of this land (the agricultural parts) could be sold off - as could access to the palombière.


Our opinion: The estate should be run as a select guest house/B&B with the owners continuing to live in the other dwelling: this is the easiest option which would entail very little modification or expense.

Themed holidays involving equestrian events and/or pigeon-shooting parties could fill the place out of season. The converted barn could be used as a restaurant (the pro kitchen is adjacent) with the new owners living in the studio ... while they re-arrange the ruined house or build accommodation into the hangar/garage edifice.

Finally, the excellent facilities for horses should be immediately exploited and used as a rest-home for weary horses: there is a strong market for boarding out our equine friends in France ... at €200 per month per horse. Do the math...


What's for sale?

- A 47 hectare estate in northern Lot & Garonne

- a manor house comprising 4/5 bedrooms, 3 reception, kitchen, library, 2 bathrooms, 3 wc, pool and summer kitchen. Gas-fired central heating.

- one room studio with integrated kitchen and bathroom (in main house)

- converted barn with very large living space (70m²) including kitchen, two bedrooms, a billard room and a spacious office. Bathroom and toilets.

- a professional kitchen/food workshop with 2 cold rooms, refrigeration, separate sinks and tiled rooms suitable for professional cooking or food transformation.

- a large garage/outhouse used for storing tractor and equipment

- a ruined house

- wooden stables for horses

- 12 or so hectares of pasture

- 35 hectares of woodland including a 'palombière'

- private laneway from the road


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Gascony in South West France covers most of the area to the south west of a line joining Bordeaux, Agen and Toulouse, that is, the western part of the Midi Pyrenees region, and the coastal section of Aquitaine.


It is one of the least inhabited regions of France, which contributes to its charm, the landscape features gentle river valleys, mixed woodland and rich farmland producing maize and sunflowers. Majestic views of the Pyrenees etch the horizon.


Pretty medieval villages of mellow stone nestle in the green rolling hills, many of them with arcaded central squares, perfect for a long lunch on a warm afternoon. Auch, the historical centre of Gascony, (and the town of D’Artagnan), boasts a magnificent cathedral, several museums, and a maze of attractive pedestrianised streets.


The climate is mild and warm and the wines of the region offer variety and quality, from the spicy red Madiran, the tannic Tursan, through to the elegant sweet Pacherenc which teams perfectly with foie gras. Then there is Armagnac, the digestif of the region, whose unique ageing process allows layers of subtle flavours to develop, and, its enthusiasts will explain, protects against heart disease and obesity.


Generally speaking, a liking for duck is useful when eating in Gascony, but there is much else besides foie gras, confit, magret de canard, and all the other iterations of that humble bird. The ‘jambon du pays’ is excellent and teams perfectly with the famed melons from Lectoure, whose fragrant juicy flesh bears no relation to their pale cousins beloved of the supermarkets. Local markets offer a vast array of excellent fresh fruit and vegetables.


The inhabitants of the area are amongst the most long lived in France, they attribute this to the high quality of their local produce, and they could be correct!






- 47 hectares of woodland and pasture

- both gite and B&B potential

- central heating

- going concern - bookings for 2012

- pro kitchen gives restaurant option

- 30 years of experience

- in Armagnac region



- no double-glazing in some parts





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